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Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning using skilled carpet cleaning technicians will not only keep your carpet looking and feeling good but also prolong the life of your carpet.

Our skilled carpet cleaning operatives are trained in routine carpet cleaning together with difficult stain removal.

A stain free carpet will enhance your home and deliver a smart professional appearance to any business and residential property.

Throughout the course of a day and general usage most carpets can be subjected to a variety of contaminants, all of which can affect not only the appearance of your carpet but the general health of the people exposed to them.


Dirt and allergens are brought into your indoor environment on the soles of shoes, these together with the dust from shredded skin cells caught in the pile of your carpets provide a perfect environment for house dust mites and odour producing bacteria to breed and thrive.  Whilst these dust mites and bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, hundreds of thousands of them are present in the carpets and soft furnishing in both home and work environments.

It is recognised that allergens and pollutants can irritate the skin causing exma or increasing the risks and effects of asthma or emphysema. Total Cleaning South Ltd can provide a professional carpet cleaning service, to remove these allergens and odours, together with dirt and grit found deep down in the pile of the carpet, which regular vacuuming cannot reach, promoting a healthier environment and in the process reducing the health risks for asthma and exma sufferers.

Total Cleaning South Ltd will leave your carpets fresh and clean enhancing your environment and prolonging the life expectancy of the carpet.



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